About us

We constantly work on providing our customers with the best quality tea at the best prices. For this we make sure that every tea we purchase has the best taste,liqour and colour-appearance. We constantly work towards making the tea drinking experience of our customers a pleasure.In our constant quest for the ultimate tea, the pillars on which we function are heightened sensibility to pick the right kind of tea leaves, apt sense to procure the crop at the right time, high quality tea standards, mastery over the complicated science of blending and most importantly, the genuine pursuit of perfection.Tea creation starts with handpicking only the best tea leaves from the choicest gardens of Assam. They are selected on the basis of color, taste, aroma, strength, appearance and various other parameters.Only the best crops are picked after searching a lot of samples.


Nelson tea is a 40 years old brand in tea started by Lt. Sh Moti Lal Khannaji with an objective of providing quality tea to our customers through out the year. In the 1970's we started with our blend which has grown over all these years.

Responsibility Towards Customers:

We are one of the most respected companies in the tea beverage industry by providing best possible quality and services and being responsible towards our consumers and people involved, so as to add value to their lives.